How to Choose a Home Remodeling Contractor

home remodeling projectA home remodeling project is an exciting time for homeowners who want to upgrade their residences and create the home of their dreams. A key component to a successful home remodeling project is in choosing the right contractor for the job. The right contractor can save the homeowner both time and money as they embark on this important journey of fixing up their home. The following are a few useful tips and suggestions on how to choose a home remodeling contractor. Remember, choosing the right contractor is an investment—the right contractor can leave the homeowner with both peace of mind and satisfaction in knowing they have made the best decision for their home improvement project.

Choosing the Right Contractor

For homeowners who are embarking on a home remodeling journey, choosing the right contractor the first time is a crucial step towards achieving a completed home that dreams are made of. The price of a bad contractor can result in the loss of more than just money; it can also lead to stress and heartache for a homeowner who is left with substandard work that must be fixed by someone else.

To hire the best contractor, begin by asking friends, family and neighbors for referrals. These first-hand accounts are a great way to create an initial list of contractors to call. Next, conduct research online to learn more about the contractor’s services. For instance, visit their websites, check out their online reviews and look at any before and after pictures they may have posted online. Other information to look for is indicators that the contractor is fully licensed and insured. Licensure is important because it proves the contractor can legally perform work on residences in the state. Regarding insurance, it will be important to understand how the insurance will protect the homeowner as well as the contractor in the event of unexpected problems. All in all, this independent research will provide the homeowner with a sense of the contractor’s abilities as well as how they operate on a professional level.

Contacting the Contractor

Next, call each contractor to schedule an in-home estimate. It will be important to get multiple estimates and then compare the experiences with each contractor. This also helps the homeowner better understand not only pricing but whether the contractor can truly deliver the project based upon the homeowner’s specifications. During these meetings it will be very important to ask the contractors the right questions. Here are a few helpful questions to consider:

1. How many years of experience does the contractor have?
2. How many projects have been completed that are similar?
3. What are the contractor’s operations like? For instance, do they have subcontractors or employees?
4. What type of insurance is carried and what exactly does the policy cover?
5. Ask the contractor to furnish proof of their license and insurance information upon request.
6. Ask for before and after pictures or videos to determine contractor’s level of workmanship.
7. Ask if there is a written contract and have the contractor discuss the details of what the contract entails.
8. What is the best way to communicate with the contractor (by phone, email or other)?
9. Ask for at least 3-5 recent references and make sure to follow-up with them directly.

In asking all of these questions, the homeowner will gain valuable information as to whether or not this contractor is a good fit for the project. Remember that hiring a contractor for an extensive remodel project is about building a relationship. There should be open channels of communication between the homeowner and the contractor and the contractor should have a clear understanding of what the homeowner is trying to accomplish. Important questions to ask oneself after the meeting include:

1. Which contractor seemed to be the most qualified for the project?
2. Will the homeowner be able to work well with this contractor?
3. Did the meeting leave the homeowner with feelings of confidence or confusion?
4. What does the homeowner’s gut feeling say regarding the contractor?

Homeowners who have conducted adequate research and who are left with a good feeling after they have met with a contractor may have found the right contractor for the job. Think of what a thrilling feeling it will be to walk into a fully renovated home where each space is a dream come true! This goal can certainly be achieved by choosing the right contractor the first time around. Hiring a contractor is a huge decision but this well-informed choice will ensure only the most successful outcome for the project. Find a home remodeling contractor near you today by contacting a local service provider who can provide additional details regarding contractors in the area.


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